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Acorn Superglide Stairlift

The Acorn Superglide is the most well-liked stairlift product. It is a straight stairlift developed for private use in domestic situations. Thanks to the wonderful variety on extras Acorn offers for the Superglide it is very versatile and will accommodate the desires of most clients.

This straight stairlift product can be very easily customized as Perch Stairlift, Sit and Stand Stairlift or even as Outside Stairlift. It is relevantly simple to set up and take out it.

The installation of the Arcon Superglide Stairlift will not harm the partitions in your house. The stairlift matches to stair treads not to the walls.

When stairlifts from other makers are equipped with four to 6 rollers, the Acorn Superglide stairlift functions 8 chassis rollers, giving a four occasions better surface call region. Mixed with the special double-tube rail profile attribute they present the most high-class stairlift experience presently obtainable.

- Acorn Superglide is simple to use.

A ton of believed has been place into making the Superglide person friendly. With the provided two remote handle handsets the stairlift can be sent or termed up and down the stairs. If you loved this article and you would like to obtain more data relating tomontascale kindly pay a visit to our own web page.This is really easy for a domestic where additional than a single individual requirements to use the stairlift.

The gadget operates on DC electrical power which drastically minimizes the sound degree and would make for a extremely-peaceful and sleek ride. The smooth get started/quit engineering stops the stairlift sort jolting or swaying at the get started or complete of its journey. The diagnostic digital show gives beneficial details for the working standing of the stairlift, collected as a result of the self-diagnostic the system performs consistently.

- Acorn Superglide is safe to use.

The Superglide satisfies BS5776-1996 and it is additionally TRL and EMC certified. The 24 Volt DC procedure eliminates the chance of electrical shock. The twin electronic and mechanical braking devices is an necessary typical security function the Acorn Stairlifts are equipped with. It prevents the stairlift variety an uncontrolled descent. The lockable isolation swap makes sure that the stairlift usually stops in the correct placement.

Other safety characteristics incorporate strain-delicate security surfaces, limit sensors, safety belt, and lockable swivel seat.

- Acorn Superglide is straightforward to keep.

The Acorn Stairlifts are individually built and factory prepared to the dimensions of just about every staircase presented by the installation technicians. This would make the installation fast and uncomplicated.    
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